Suspect Arrested Over BVB Bus Attack

The German federal chief prosecutor has confirmed the arrest of a man suspected of planting explosives targeting the Borussia Dortmund team bus.

The incident occured before Dortmund's Champions League game against Monaco, as three explosions were heard near the team bus, injuring Marc Bartra and delaying the fixture by 24 hours.

The suspect is accused of attempted murder, inflicting serious bodily harm and causing an explosion. A statement also revealed that the suspect had bought options on Dortmund’s stock before the attack, with the intention to make a profit.

"The accused bought 15.000 put-options regarding the shares of Borussia Dortmund on April 11," a prosecutor's statement read. "Those options were running until June 17, 2017 and were bought with the ID of the hotel L'Arrivee (Dortmund's team hotel).

"Someone who buys put-options speculates on the value of shares dropping. It allows the owner of these options to sell his shares until a certain date – in this case June 17 – to sell a fixed amount for a fixed price."

"If Dortmund's shares had dropped in value massively, his profit would have been many times the investment. You could expect a massive drop in values of the shares if players had been injured or even killed during the attack."