'Klopp Is Just A Giant German Cheerleader'

Joey Barton sees Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp as nothing more than a ‘giant German cheerleader’, and believes the coach is badly overrated.

"He is not trophy-laden like Mourinho or Guardiola, so we have to be sceptical of him," Barton said. "He has gone in with all this charisma and seems a down to earth, nice guy, but I always worry when I see him prancing up and down the touchline. He is like a giant German cheerleader for them."

"To be a top manager, you have got to have more than that. He has got a terrible record in finals. I’m not buying the Klopp aura and that he is this super coach. His career doesn’t point that way."

"He has got one league title, one cup, in 2011/12. His Dortmund career ended in a hole in the ground. He lost the players, he lost the dressing room. They were fighting relegation."