'Barça Squad Did Everything To Help Him'

Sergio Busquets has admitted that the Barcelona players were aware of the mental struggle teammate Andre Gomes is facing at the club.

The Portuguese midfielder made the headlines on Monday talking about his problems with settling in at the club and the city, something of which the club knew about, Busquets claims. 

"We knew there was something, everybody did," Busquets said at a press conference ahead of the Chelsea return leg in the Champions League.

"It's a personal thing. His teammates have always tried to help him, to be by his side and to advise him. In the end it's him who suffers. As teammates, I believe we have done everything we possibly could. This shows that we are all human, even if it doesn't look like we're all from this planet. If he is here then it is because he is capable."

The midfielder also called on the fans to be more encouraging towards Gomes, who has been whistled at various times. 

"As a fanbase, we need to be more positive and help him," the midfielder said. "If we want to do something significant then we have to be united. We are going to help him from the inside and I'm sure the fans will help him too."