LIVE | Champions League Draw

12:00 CET
Real Madrid - Atlético | Monaco - Juventus

There are four teams left in the Champions League: Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, AS Monaco and Juventus. Today we will know who will play who in the semi-finals: follow it all in our live blog!

12.22 | A Madrid derby in the semi-finals, that's a promising draw! One Spanish team will definitely be in the final, as AS Monaco and Juventus will battle for the other spot.

12.18 | Monaco - Juventus

12.17 | Real Madrid - Atlético Madrid

12.13 | Ian Rush now enters the stage as the teams are about to be drawn.

12.08 | The representatives of all clubs are invited on stage, after we had a closer look at the four semi-finalists.

12.00 | The draw at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon has started!

10.30 | The road to Cardiff continues! There are four teams left in the Champions League, and today's draw will decide which teams will be paired up for the semi-finals.