LIVE | Europa League Draw

13:00 CET
Ajax - Lyon | Celta - Man United

Man United, Lyon, Ajax and Celta de Vigo. Those are the four teams left for the Europa League draw! Find out who will play who in the semi-finals in our live blog!

13.21 | Man United will face La Liga side Celta de Vigo, while Ajax face Olympique Lyon on their way to the final. Exciting fixtures!

13.16 | Celta - Man United

13.15 | Ajax - Lyon

13.10 | Giorgio Marchetti enters the stage as the draw is about to start.

13.08 | After the traditional speech, we take a look at some of the best moments produced by the four semi finalists.

13.00 | We have started!

11.00 | Good morning! Today we will find out which teams will be paired up for the semi-finals of the Europa League!