Liverpool - Sevilla

Champions League
0-1 Ben Yedder | 1-1 Firmino | 2-1 Salah | 2-2 Correa

Keep up to date on the Champions League game between Liverpool and Sevilla in our live blog.

Champions League


FT | That's that! Klopp remains in the pitch shouting back and forth with what remains of the Sevilla bench. Tsk, tsk. Liverpool is held by Sevilla in their first Champions League match since 2014. Ultimately a disappointing start to their campaign. Numerous chances were squandered by the Reds, including a penalty kick from Firmino. There's no doubt that Liverpool were better during the majority of the match, but Sevilla were smarter and snatched two golden opportunities to take back an important point and goal difference back to Spain. Thanks for joining us!

'90+4 | RED CARD! | Gomez mistimes a hard tackle on Muriel and receives a second yellow card. He's out, and has no one to blame but himself.

'90+3 | CHANCES! Coutinho sends a long ball that finds Wijnaldum in mid-air, but his soft header reaches Rico without posing a risk. Seconds later it's the Andalusians that sprint at neck-breaking speed down the other end. Muriel recevies a long ball and finds himself free in the rival's box. But he fumbles his shot and it totally misses the target. It was easier getting the ball in than out...

'90 | There will be four added minutes. Time enough for Liverpool to get back in the lead? Or for Sevilla to once again humilliate the proud 'red arrows'?

'88 | Time is running out for Liverpool and Sevilla is feeling no pressure whatsoever. Sarabia has all the time in the world before shuffling his feet towards kicking a corner kick and then Lovren shanks a pass to the stand. Salah out, fresh signing Oxlade-Chamberlein in.

'84 | Klopp decides to make a second change as Daniel Sturridge comes in for the hard-worker Mane. In Sevilla's ranks, Navas leaves for Sebastian Corchia.

'80 | Coutinho quickly takes control of the midfield and chips a ball towards Salah, but it's way too long and not even the speedy Egiptian can collect it. A hush is slowly falling over Anfield as they notice a hint of desperation in Liverpool's attempts.

'76 | And there's the man everyone was talking about! Couthino makes his way inside the pitch as Can takes a break. Anfield receives the small Brazilian warmly and wildly cheers as he receives the ball.

'72 | GOAL! Liverpool - Sevilla 2-2. Correa! Out of nowhere, Sevilla levels the score! Muriel sprints towards the box and feeds Correa that after a bamboozling flick finds himself free inside the box. By the time Karius runs out, is too late. Correa switches his weight and lets loose a screamer that hammers its way to the back of the net.

'70 | Sevilla makes another change as Colombian Luis Muriel jumps in to replace Ben Yedder. Before that, Pablo Saravia replaced an injured Pizarro.

'65 | CHANCE! That third goal for Liverpool seems closer by the minute. Salah sails past his mark before playing the ball to Mane, who also fools his 'shadow' prior to firing a raucous shot several yards way over the crossbar.

'60 | OH NO! Coach Berizzo catches a ball leaving the field of play, but instead of handing it back to the outstretched hands of Gomez, he throws the down the touchline. The referee will have no such behaviour tonight and sends him to the stands. Off goes Sevilla's coach, not without first claiming Klopp had a hand in sending him off.

'58 | Liverpool again gets near a third goal as Wijnaldum snakes across the field before feeding the ball to Salah, but the Egyptian's curled effort sails way too wide from target.

'53 | Matip channels his inner Messi as he steps out from the back to take it all way to the opposite box, before being dispossessed of the ball. What a goal that would have been.

'51 | Sevilla are of the front foot right now as it seems the half-time break has re-energized the Andalusian squad. Meanwhile, Philippe Coutinho warms up on the touchline.

'46 | Henderson hooks a pass down the left to send Mane scampering dangerously close to score. He cuts in and shoots, but Pareja blocks the effort before it can reach Rico under the three sticks.

HT | Liverpool is absolutely running riot after a poor start losing 0-1 to the Andalusian Sevilla. But Mane, Salah and Firmino have taken the joy back to Anfield in their return to Champions League.

'45 +2 | CHANCE! Almost a third goal for Liverpool seconds away from half time. Salah and Firmino combine before feeding the ball to the much-maligned Moreno, but the thumping shot from the Spanish full-back is denied by a smart save from Rico.

'42 | OFF THE POST! Complete stutter from the Brazilian. Rico jumps down the wrong way, but the ball ricochets off the right-hand post before clanking away from danger.

'41 | PENALTY! Liverpool gets a penalty call and is about to make Sevilla's night a lot worse in English soil. Pareja takes Mane down from behind after apparently touching the ball. There goes Firmino...

'36 | GOAL! Liverpool - Sevilla 2-1. Salah! Superb effort from Salah to recuperate the ball from the Andalusian defence and unleashes a hell of a shot that gets a deflection and bamboozles Rico half way into a dive. Liverpool gets the lead.

'31 | Klopp is bouncing around and shouting like his usual self. He is obviously enjoying Liverpool's recovery from a losing in Anfield.

'28 | Klopp's men are transitioning the ball very well in Anfield. Mane stretches a play down the right flank before cutting in and feeding Firmino, but the return ball is a bit too fast and goes out for goal kick.

'23 | Liverpool's defence dispossses the ball from Correa and sends Wijnaldum sprinting down the field until the ball reaches Can. The German is in the area and only has Rico to beat! But the dinked shot crawls its way across the face of the goal and out of the field.

'21 | GOAL! Liverpool - Sevilla 1-1. Firmino! Wonderful display of footbal by Liverpool! The team passes the ball around before Moreno one-two's the ball with Henderson, carooms into the box and zips a low cross for Firmino to get the equalizer and Anfield back on its feet.

'14' | Liverpool is passing the ball effectively and it leads to Salah receiving the ball on an isolated position and with space to speed down the flank. But the resulting header from his cross is not upt to par and gets lost down the final line.

'10 | MANE! Salah charges down the right wing after a through ball and whips a center headed to Mane, but the Senegalese's shot is parried away by a great in-form Rico. This is the second quick attack from Mane and Liverpool starts to get back in the game.

'8 | What a terrible return to Champions League football for Liverpool. Mane tries to get the score even when speeding down the wing before Pareja slams him to the ground. A hush has fallen over Anfield, and it definitely is not the happy place it was moments ago.

'5 | GOAL! Liverpool - Sevilla 0-1. Ben Yedder! What a fantastic series of errors from Liverpool! Both Can and Gomez cannot clear the ball, before the cross hovels right under the nose of Lovren to reach Ben Yedder, and he only has to stick his foot out to score and trot away smiling.

'1 | SAVE! Promising start for the home side as Salah feeds a long ball across field to Mane before the Senegalese plays it to Firmino and from the Brazilian to Can, who thumps an effort straight at the hands of the rival keeper.

KICK-OFF | Off we go! Liverpool gets us underway as Champions League returns to Anfield.

There it is! A rousing rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" booms across Anfield and sends shivers down the onlooker's backs. What a sight! The players are on the pitch and and the UEFA anthem is about to set the tone for Liverpool.

PREVIEW | What did the managers say? Klopp: "We play on Wednesday, we play on Saturday, we play, play, play, play, play. I will have the situation all the time now over the next three or four weeks".

And Sevilla's manager Berizzo? "Hostility? I think it is the opposite. Players of a certain level and personality grow when they come to a stadium and atmosphere like this [in Anfield], they grow in strength".

Anfield is perfectly poised for an espectacular European match. Transmission will begin shortly.

XI Liverpool | Karius; Gómez, Matip, Lovren, Moreno; Wijnaldum, Can, Henderson; Salah, Mané, Firmino.

XI Sevilla | Rico; Mercado, Kjaer, Pareja, Escudero; Pizarro, N'Zonzi, Banega; Navas, Yedder, Correa.

Hello and welcome to Matchday 1 of Group E! Liverpool is finally back in Champions League after a three-year absence, and will have a special chance to get pay-back from the 2016 Europa League final. On the other hand, Spanish club Sevilla has never won a match in England. Will this be the day?