Shakhtar - Man City

Man City
Full time
Champions League
1-0 Bernard | 2-0 Ismaily | 2-1 Agüero (P)

Keep up to date on the Champions League game between Shakhtar Donetsk and Manchester City in our live blog.

Champions League
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FT | Too little too late for Man City, who lose 2-1 away against Shakhtar. Like City, Shakhtar are through to the knockout stage of the tournament with Feyenoord beating Napoli.

'90+2 | GOAL! | Shakthar - Man City 2-1. Agüero! That's a terrific penalty from Agüero, but it is probably all too late as there are only 2 minutes left for the visitors.

'90+2 | PENALTY! | A penalty for City after a foul on Gabriel Jesus, but it looks too late.

'86 | A defeat looks very close for Man City now, Shakhtar have made way better use of their chances, and might overall have been the better side this evening.

'82 | Out of nothing Toure shows his quality as he turns are curls the ball just wide of the top corner!

'79 | POST! | Brilliant play from Diaz as he beats his man, gets to the byline, feeds Jesus, who stabs for goal from a tight angle a yard out, but the ball comes out off the post.

'76 | Rakitskiy steps up and hammers a free-kick over the wall and on target, but Ederson read it well and made the save look easy.

'75 | Taison cuts in from the left, having been fed by Bernard, and fires another effort wide oif the target.

'69 | Fernadinho leaves the pitch and on comes Sergio Agüero, who will try to avoid a Man City loss.

'65 |  228 days ago, 29 games ago. That was the last time Manchester City lost a game. They have 25 minutes to make sure that series doesn't end today.

'56 | Although Shakhtar get some opportunities to score their third, Man City look te be closing in on a goal here that will get the back in the game. They've had several opportunities in the past few minutes.

'52 | Taison once again narrowly misses the target! He tries to dink the ball into the middle, but Fernandinho is there to head away.

'46 | We're back underway and City are immediately looking for the equalizer, but Sané's first attempet of the second half gets saved.

HT | Shakhtar surprisingly lead Manchester City 2-0 at half-time, can Pep Guardiola's side do something back in the second half?

'44 | Taison, who has been a real thorn in City's side, drives at the City defence again, but fires just over the top.

'40 | Gundogan hammers the ball into the body of a Shakhtar defender, before Gabriel's fizzed low cross is caught well by Pyatov. 

'37 | Sane weaves some magic on the left flank and lays off Foden just inside the box, but the youngster snatches at the opportunity and lifts the ball over the bar.

'31 | GOAL! | Shakhtar - Man City 2-0. Ismaily! Super pass over the top from Marlos plays Ismaily in, out comes Ederson, but he does nothing, leaving Ismaily the simple task of nicking the ball around him before slotting into the empty net for his first Champions League goal.

'29 | Shakhtar are in the ascendancy! It's a three-on -two situation in favour of Shakhtar, but Bernard's low shot is saved smartly by Ederson and hacked away.

'27 | GOAL! | Shakhtar - Man City 1-0. Bernard!  Great play from Marlos again to carry the attack to City, he lays it off for Bernard, who takes his time, waits for his moment, pulls the ball onto his right foot, before curling a sublime effort over Ederson and into the net.

'20 | Taison gets the ball on the right side of the box as Shakhtar break away, and cuts inside before curling one at goal with his left foot, but it's easily saved.

'16 | Foden gets forward well, whips a cross into the middle, but it is cleared. Decent start from the youngster.

'12 | Bernard twists and turns well to get away from Silva, before being taken out unceremoniously by Danilo as he looked to break away.

'8 | Shakhtar break away down the left and get into the box, but a combination of blind luck and City's defence see the hosts' attempt at goal deflected away off of Fernandinho!

'4 | Taison is in some space on the edge of the box, but he blazes well over with his right foot, when he had more time to compose himself.


'2 | Napoli have taken the lead against Feyenoord within 2 minutes, which means that Shakhtar need a draw or a win to qualify.

KICK-OFF |  We're underway! 

XI Shakhtar | Pyatov; Butko, Ordets, Rakitskiy, Ismaily; Fred, Stepanenko; Marlos, Taison, Bernard; Ferreyra

XI Man City | Ederson; Danilo, Adarabioyo, Mangala, Fernandinho; Touré, Bernardo Silva, Gündogan, Foden, Sané; Gabriel Jesus