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Champions League
1-0 Coutinho (P) | 2-0 Coutinho | 3-0 Firmino | 4-0 Mane | 5-0 Coutinho | 6-0 Mane | 7-0 Salah

Keep up to date on the Champions League game between Liverpool and Spartak Moscow in our live blog.

Champions League

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FT | It's all over for the relief of Spartak's players and fans. Liverpool have been in irresistible form in CL and surely have sent a message before the Merseyside Derby with a ruthless thrashing 7-0 at Anfield. Thanks for joining!

'88 | Liverpool continue probing and looking for a way to produce more goals after Salah's nice finish. And speaking of Salah: he's scored more goals this competition than any other Premier League player (18 goals). Absolutely lethal.

'85 | GOAL! Liverpool - Spartak 7-0. Salah! The Egypt international gets his name in the score-sheet with a perfect shot from inside the box after taking out a defender with a lovely feint. Alexander Selikov is looking for somewhere to hide himself in.

'82 | Sturridge latches on to a perfect pass from Coutinho and after sorting Spartak goalkeeper Selikov, is sliced down. The referee decides not to award a penalty, even though it seems like it.

'76 | GOAL! Liverpool - Spartak 6-0. Mane! The game is reaching red-face levels now for Spartak as Sadio Mane scores his second goal of the night. Sturridge gets behind enemy lines and crosses a little behing the Senegal international, but Mane sort of bundles it over the goal line.

'72 | Less than 20 minutes to go, and Spartak can't see the end of it. Liverpool, on the other hand, are having quite a blast out there. Firmino is subbed for Daniel Sturridge. Firepower for firepower.

'66 | SHOT! Pasalic attempts a long-range effort after a nice turn, but his thumping effort sails way over the crossbar. Spartak midfielder Fernando is booked for slicing through James Milner.

'62 | Mo Salah is denied by a fine save from Selikov with a low dive to his right. It's a shame as Salah took out two Spartak players with a neat little drag-and-back. It would have been a beautiful effort, but it's also true that the Spartak goalie deserve a break.

'61 | Spartak are chasing shadows at this point of the game. Liverpool enjoy most of the possession and its best players are making the delight of Anfield fands with neat little flicks and exchanges. Lovren is subbed for Trent Alexander-Arnold.

'54 | It has been a record-breaking performance from in this group-stage from Klopp's men. What a match! Fantastic Four Mane, Firmino, Coutinho and Salah have scored the brutal amount of 42 goals so far this season.

'50 | GOAL! Liverpool - Spartak 5-0. Coutinho! The visiting side is done for after another two goals in quick succession. Coutinho slams the ball and it finds the back of the net after a deflection on a defender. Definitely scruffy, but enough for Spartak to raise the white flag.

'47 | GOAL! Liverpool - Spartak 4-0. Mane! My word! Sadio Mane slams a screaming volley past Selikov and to the back of the net after receiving a lovely cross from James Milner.

HT | Coutinho scored a brace and Firmino the third before Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane had decent chances to score a fourth and fifth. So far, Klopp's men are advancing placidly to the next CL round. But, we have another 45 minutes to go. We'll be right back.

'45+1 | Well, no, he can't. Moreno is finally replaced by James Milner right before the referee indicates half-time.

'44 | Looks of concern from the Liverpool bench as Moreno writhes in pain after blocking a shot from Zobnin. Dosen't seems he'll be able to continue, even though he appears to insist he can go on.

'38 | CHANCE! Double chance to be exact. Firmino dances away from his mark and feeds the ball to Salah, who flicks it beautifully to Mane. The Senegal international lets loose a powerful effort that sails way over the bar. Moments later, Salah cuts to the left and lets loose a wonder shot that curls around the top corner.

'35 | Both teams have shared possession of the ball, but Liverpool has turned this first half of the match into a real bloodbath. Spartak has yet to put Karius to work a bit.

'29 | And now it's Salah's turn to try to score the fourth with a low and hard attempt that is saved rather comfortably by the Spartak goalkeeper. Seconds after, Spartak show some signs of life as Promes turns and lets loose a thumping effort that sails deflected wide off the post.

'24 | Another attempt to score from Liverpool, after Mane pulls the ball back from the byline, but Bocchetti clears the danger.

'19 | GOAL! Liverpool - Spartak 2-0. Firmino! If the second goal sent shivers down the Spartak fans, the third was even worse. Mane steals the ball and runs down unmolested more than 40 yards before sending a cross that bounces on a defence and allows Firmino to tap it in.

'15 | GOAL! Liverpool - Spartak 2-0. Coutinho! Horrible, horrible defending from the visiting side to allow Liverpool to double the lead almost at walking speed. Salah and Firmino connect perfectly before allowing Coutinho to slam the ball home a second time.

'12 | Another chance for the local side as a poor clearance finds Coutinho, who sends a lofted pass to Mane. The striker can pass the ball but opts for goal, and the ball slams itself to the side net.

'8 | Liverpool isn't content with just one and was close to a second goal with Firmino sending a nice cross to Sadio Mane. But the cross is deflected and as the Moscow team ran out at top speed, Can is booked for a cynical challenge on Luiz Adriano.

'4 | GOAL! Liverpool - Spartak 1-0. Coutinho! Liverpool's star takes a sprint and after thinking about it for half a second, sends Spartak's goalie the wrong way. It's on for the Reds.

'4 | PENALTY-KICK! Salah goes down in Spartak's box under a challenge from Georgi Dzhikiya and the referee dosen't thinks it twice before pointing at the set-piece spot.

KICK-OFF! And the game is on, boys! Liverpol only needs a draw to advance to the last 16, while a victory will ensure them a first place ahead of Sevilla.

The players are making their way onto the pitch, and Anfield receives them with a rousing rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone". Beautiful images!

Anfield receives Spartak in a three-team battle to come out as first in Group E.

Hi and welcome to another brilliant Champions League match!

XI Liverpool | Karius; Gomez, Lovren, Klavan, Moreno; Can, Wijnaldum, Coutinho; Salah, Firmino, Mané

XI Spartak | Selikhov; Eschenko, Tasci, Dzhikia, Bocchetti; Zobnin, Fernando, Glushakov; Promes, Luiz Adriano, Zé Luis