Leverkusen - Bayern

FC Bayern
Full time
0-1 Martínez | 0-2 Ribery | 1-2 Volland | 1-3 James

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FT | All fight left Leverkusen after that wondrous set-piece goal. It's all smiles in Bayern as the first final whistle of 2018 sounds in the Bundesliga and the current Bundesliga leaders find themselves 14 points clear at the top. Leverkusen putted up a good fight, but in the end their unbeaten run comes to an end. Thanks for joining!

'90 | GOAL | Leverkusen - Bayern 1-3. James! What. A. Goal! An absolutely gorgeous left-foot effort from a set-piece allows the Colombian superstar to find the top corner of Leno's goal. A real work of art, no doubt about it. The referee indicates four minutes more.

'88 | CHANCES | First James was unable to latch a rebound and his awkward effort skews behind for a goal-kick. It was a beautiful chance from Alaba and Coman, but the Colombian star was unable to finish it. Seconds later, Ulreich took the ball from Alario's head.

'85 | Bayern are trying to draw the sting from Leverkusen, but surely are wondering how things have come to this. Bayern had too many chances in the first half, and so seem surprised to be under the gun in the second half.

'79 | Sandro Wagner is brought in to make his first Bayern appearance since 2007! The striker replaces Ribery for the last 10 minutes of the match. Brandt has also been subbed for Mehmedi as Leverkusen exhaust their three substitutions.

'77 | CHANCE | And another one. Argentinian forward Alario latches on to the ball, shakes Javi Martinez off and lets loose a rising effort that sails wide of the right post. That was close and Bayern Munich seems absolutely confused.

'75 | CHANCE | Blundering mistake from Javi Martinez when pulling back allows the local team to dissposses him of the ball and only a well-timed tackle from Süle avoids the parity, It's game on and the local fans are going wild. Fantastic energy from the stands.

'71 | GOAL! Leverkusen - Bayern 1-2. Volland! What a match! Volland gets the ball at the edge of the box and after stepping away from one, two, three defenders, lets loose a hammering effort that takes a deflection and goes in. 

'66 | Numerous subbs ensue after the second goal of the night. Let's see. Alario and Henrichs subb Kohr and Bellarabi, while on the other side of the pitch Coman replaces Robben. Local fans must still be dreaming on what would had happened if Bailey's attempt had been succesful.

'62 | Leverkusen had been content in trading blows with the German giant, but the second goal changes everything. Volland has the ball at his feet inside the Bayern box and manages to release a shot despite being surrounded by white shirts.

'59 | GOAL! Leverkusen - Bayern 0-2. Ribery! Bayern Munich doubles the lead. James picks out the Frenchman down the left wing and 'Kaiser Franck' cuts in before loosing a powerful effort that finds the back of the net.

'55 | POST | My word! Bailey dances his way in front of Süle before releasing a mouth-watering chip that bonkes on the woodwork on its way out. So close for the local side. Leverkusen are on the front foot now.

'51 | Lovely one-touch play sends Alaba careening down the left wing and sending a thumping cross to Robben, but the international Dutchman can't control it properly and the chance is lost.

HT | Leverkusen will have to reconsider their strategy at half-time. Bayern deservedly leads by one, but have had plenty of chances from set-pieces. All in all, the game remains wonderfully poised for the second half.

'42 | Rafinha commits too early as he lunges forward with a stud-at-the-front challenge on Brandt which leaves Brandt limping and Rafinha booked. Since the return of Jupp Heynckes, Bayern have won nine of their last 10 league games.

'36 | The tempo has slowed since the opening goal of the match, and the ball is played mainly in Bayern's final third. It's worth noting that the Spanish international's goal is Bayern's first at the BayArena since 2013.

'32 | GOAL! | Leverkusen - Bayern 0-1. Martínez! It's another corner earned by Robben and Vidal's header bounces close to Javi Martinez, who smashes the ball into the top corner from close range.

'28 | Another chance from Vidal forces Leno make an awkward save and the rebound sees Müller and James fighting over the ball. None reach it, but the German international slams into Volland and gets booked for it.

'25 | CHANCE | Another Alaba cross forces Leno to step off his line, but the ball is pushed to the edge of the area where James smashes a good effort that flashes wide. That was close.

'21 | Leverkusen had a good option at scoring the first goal of the night when Kohr connected a corner kick and sent the ball sailing wide of the post. Ulreich could only see it blaze past.

'16 | CHANCE | Vidal smashes a low attempt from a difficult angle, and the German goalkeeper is forced to parry it. The Chilean has another chance at scoring in the ensuing coner kick, but it's all too easy for Leno.

'13 | That's another good burst down the left from Ribery before sending a good cross, but James clips up a cross straight into Leno's hands. Sort of a wasted chance. 

'9 | Bender should be quite happy with himself for escaping a booking after slamming James to the ground to prevent the Colombian midfielder to join the break.

'6 | Now it's Leverkusen's time to have a good option at scoring, but in the end Bailey over-runs the ball and loses his footing to Rafinha. It's a box-to-box match! 

'4 | CHANCE | Robben steals the ball and charges at neckbreaking towards the local box. He soon feeds Ribery, but a perfectly timed tackle from Bellarabi denies the Frenchman the goal.

KICK-OFF | Bayern Munich finally returns to action against Bayer Leverkusen in the first Bundesliga game of the calendar year at the BayArena.

Leverkusen XI | Leno; Tah, Bender, Wendell; Bellarabi, Kohr, Bender, Bailey, Havertz, Brandt; Volland

Bayern XI | Ulreich; Rafinha, Boateng, Süle, Alaba; James, Javi Martinez, Vidal; Robben, Müller, Ribery