Juventus - Tottenham

Full time
Champions League
1-0 Higuain | 2-0 Higuain (P) | 2-1 Kane | 2-2 Eriksen

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Champions League


FT | Many would have been expecting Tottenham to find themselves on the receiving end of an absolute thrashing after suffering such a miserable start to the game, but they showed great grit and determination to fight back and leave with a well-deserved draw under their belts. Juventus struggled for most of the night and were made to pay for their negative approach, leaving them in desperate need of a positive performance at Wembley to avoid crashing out of the competition.

'87 | Vital interception by Vertonghen! Costa showcases his wonderful speed as he skips past three players over on the left wing. He makes his way into the penalty area and tries to pick out Higuain with a low cross, but Vertonghen is just about able to poke the ball into the side-netting before the striker can reach it.

'84 | Benatia goes close! De Sciglio gets into a good position out wide and fires in a low cross that Vertonghen is forced into blasting behind for a corner. It's whipped into the middle of the box and finds Benatia, who gets the better of his marker but can't quite hit the target with his bullet header.

'76 | Higuain breaks down the left flank and looks set to penetrate the penalty area, but Dembele, who has put in a great shift this evening, sprints back to deal with the striker before he's able to do so. Juventus are really struggling to find much joy when pushing forward.

'71 | GOAL! | Juventus - Tottenham 2-2. Eriksen! Tottenham have equalised! Alli dances his way towards the hosts' penalty area before being clumsily fouled by Chiellini, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Tottenham a free-kick in a very dangerous position. Eriksen steps up and shoots, and his low shot is whipped straight into the bottom left-hand corner of the net.

'68 | Great shot by Kane! The striker drops out of the Juventus box and into a pocket of space. He then tries to catch out Buffon with a low strike, and it's one that the goalkeeper is just about able to push away with a less than convincing save.

'58 | What a chance for Mandzukic! The resulting set-piece is curled into the heart of the box and perfectly picks out Mandzukic, who rises high and meets the ball well but can only send his headed effort into the hands of Lloris.

'57 | Vital stop by Lloris! Bernardeschi is left all alone over on the right wing, allowing him to skip into the penalty area and take on Davies. He easily gets the better of the full-back and shoots, but Lloris is there to tip the ball behind for a corner with a great diving save.

'46 | We are back underway in the second half!

HT | What a fantastic first half that was! Juventus enjoyed the perfect start to the evening with two early goals, but Tottenham did wonderfully well to get back in the game and take advantage of the hosts' negativity. The game remains on a knife edge thanks to a well-taken goal by Kane, and Higuain's late penalty miss has handed the visitors a really good chance to find an equaliser after the break.

'45+2 | MISS! | Higuain can't wrap up his hat-trick! The striker goes for power and tries to beat Lloris down the middle of the goal, but his thumping strike is fired straight onto the crossbar after the goalkeeper remained rooted to the spot. What a huge moment!

'45+1 | PENALTY! | It's another for Juventus! Costa has struggled to get involved in the game tonight, but he just showcased his great pace to win his hosts another penalty. He skipped into the left-hand corner of the box and took on Aurier, who brought the Brazilian down to the ground with a rash sliding challenge and left the referee with no choice but to point to the spot again.

'39 | Decent effort by Eriksen! A clumsy challenge results in a free-kick for Tottenham midway inside the hosts' half of the pitch, and it's one that's quickly taken and sent to Eriksen. The Dane then unleashes a shot from 30 yards out, and it's one that forces Buffon into making a slightly nervy save at the near post.

'35 | GOAL! | Juventus - Tottenham 2-1. Kane! Tottenham have pulled one back! Juventus aren't good enough on the ball when counter-attacking, allowing the visitors to win back possession and quickly push forward. Alli sends a clever pass through the Bianconeri's back line and towards Kane, who comfortably rounds Buffon before slotting the ball into the back of the net. Game on!

'32 | And now Kane goes close! Once again, a well-placed pass splits the Juventus defence in two and picks out Kane, who forces Buffon into making a smart diving save with his quickly taken low shot.

'30 | Excellent chance for Higuain to make it 3-0! After dealing with the danger, the home side burst forward on a quick counter-attack. Higuain breaks into the box, spins around two players and shoots, but his low strike ends up fizzing just past the post after leaving Lloris rooted to the spot.

'26 | What a save by Buffon! A wonderful pass from Eriksen is fired over the top of the Juventus back line and right onto the head of Kane. The striker is all alone and only has Buffon to beat, but the goalkeeper pulls off a spectacular save to deny Tottenham a way back into the game.

'20 | Vital interception by Benatia! Juventus lose the ball once again and Tottenham immediately hit them on a counter-attack. Alli breaks into the home side's half of the pitch out wide and tries to pick out Kane with a quickly taken through-ball, but Benatia is there to latch onto the ball with an outstretched leg.

'17 | Kane goes down inside the penalty area, but nothing is given! Higuain loses out to Vertonghen and Tottenham are able to counter-attack quickly. Alli sprints into the Juventus box before knocking the ball over to Kane, who immediately goes down under a tackle from Benatia. He quickly turns to the referee and screams for a penalty, but the man in charge isn't at all interested and instead awards the hosts a goal-kick.

'15 | A misplaced clearance from Buffon flies over to Eriksen, who quickly storms down the right flank and sends a cross into the box. He can't quite pick out Kane, however, as Chiellini is there to beat the striker to the ball.

'9 | GOAL! | Juventus - Tottenham 2-0. Higuain! Lloris is able to get a hand on the ball, but he can't keep Higuain's curling shot from finding the bottom left-hand corner of the net. What a start for Juventus!

'8 | PENALTY! | It's gone from bad to worse for Tottenham! Bernardeschi charges into the penalty area and latches onto a chipped pass before being caught late by Davies, leaving the referee with no choice but to point to the spot.

'2 | GOAL! | Juventus - Tottenham 1-0. Higuain! What a start for the home side! Juventus immediately go on the front and win themselves a free-kick midway inside the Tottenham half of the pitch. It's chipped in by Pjanic and finds Higuain all alone, setting up the Argentine to beat Lloris with a brilliant volley.

KICK OFF | We're off! 

XI Juventus | Buffon; De Sciglio, Benatia, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Khedira, Pjanic; Douglas Costa, Bernardeschi, Mandzukic; Higuaín.

XI Tottenham | Lloris; Aurier, Sánchez, Vertonghen, Davies; Dier, Dembelé; Eriksen, Dele Alli, Lamela; Kane.