Croatia - England

Full time
2018 World Cup
0-1 Trippier | 1-1 Perisic | 2-1 Mandzukic

Keep up to date on the 2018 World Cup semi-final between Croatia and England in our live blog.

2018 World Cup

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FT | Rashford plays the ball into the box, only to see it being headed away. Croatia are in the World Cup final, England are out.

'120+4 |  One last chance for England. They get to take a free kick from a bit more than 30 meters out with only seconds left to go. 

'108 | GOAL! | Croatia - England 2-1. Mandzukic! Is this the winning goal for Croatia? Perisic finds Mandzukic inside the box, who doesn't hesitate and fires the ball past Pickford. England have 12 minutes left to equalize.

'106 | We're back underway! The second half of extra time has started.

HT ET | The first 15 minutes of additional time are over. Both sides have 15 minutes left to decide this tie before it will go to penalties.

'105+2 | Mandzukic connects to a great cross from outside the box which is saved by Pickford from close-range. 

'100 | Stones rises highest in the box to head at goal from Trippier's cross into the box, but Vrsaljko is in the right place at the right time to head away from danger.

'96 | No real opportunities for either side yet. Can either side score before it will go to penalties?

'91 | We're in the first half of additional time. 

FT | We're heading into extra time. After 90 minutes, Croatia - England is still 1-1. 

'90+2 | Kane tries to give England the win in the final minutes of the game, but his header from a free kick goes wide.

'84 | Croatia on the attack again. This time, however, Pickford is not called into action.

'83 | Mandzukic receives the ball in the England box after a brilliant cross, but Pickford denies him from close-range.

'78 | Henderson's pass into Lingard is deflected back to him and he goes for the volley, only to smash it over the bar.

'71 | POST! |  Perisic comes very close to giving Croatia the lead, but the post denies his effort. 

'66 | GOAL! | Croatia - England 1-1. Perisic! England have failed to put this game to bed and Croatia have equalized.Perisic gets his foot to a good cross and beats Pickford.

'63 | A Perisic effort looks to be heading towards the net, only for Walker to put his body on the line for the Three Lions to make the block.

'59 | Croatia are still in this game. England have had some chances to double their lead, but Croatia are looking better and better.

'52 | England have a corner after Lingard's attempt is blocked by Vida. They are looking for their second goal of th eevening.

'46 | We're back underway for the second half!

HT | It's half-time. England lead Croatia 0-1 after a Trippier free kick, but both sides have had plenty of chances to equalize or expand their lead.

'42 | Vrsaljko tries his luck from more than 30 meters out, but his shot goes well over.

'36 | Alli manages to squeeze a pass back to Lingard on the edge of the box after a good counter-attack. He goes to place his effort, only to sidefoot the ball wide of the post. 


'32 | Pickford makes a good save after Croatia apply pressure in the box. Rebic tries it after he sees Stones clear his cross back in front of his own feet.

'30 | How did that not go in? Kane is played free brilliantly but finds Subasic on its way. He gets a second attempt, but the ball was already out and the Croatian goalie will prepare for a goal kick.

'24 | Perisic once again charges through the middle of the park and goes for the strike, but on this occasion, his effort travels well wide of the post.

'21 |  Rebic goes for power with his strike, but Stones is there to make the covering block.

'19 | Perisic is afforded space and tries to beat the goalkeeper from just outside the box. His shot goes wide, however.

'16 | Trippier floats the ball into the box and Maguire rises to head at goal. He makes decent contact with his header, sending his effort narrowly past the post.

'13 | Brozovic concedes a corner in a challenge with Alli. England send their men forward from the back.

'7 |  Young gives away a corner as he tries to intercept a cross towards Vrsaljko. England manage to clear the set-piece quite easily. 

'5 | GOAL! | Croatia - England 0-1. Trippier! Trippier gives England the lead! He converts the free kick brilliantly. Is it coming home?

'4 | Alli is tripped on the edge of the box by Modric after a neat piece of control by Lingard.

KICK-OFF | The second semi-final is underway! Who'll play France in the final?

XI Croatia | Subasic; Vida, Lovren, Corluka, Strinic; Rakitic, Brozovic, Rebic, Modric, Perisic; Mandzukic.

XI England | Pickford; Walker, Stones, Maguire; Henderson; Trippier, Lingard, Alli, Young; Sterling, Kane.